… vielen Dank für Ihre wie immer pünktliche Übersetzung.
Es freut uns auch, dass Sie die Inhalte immer mitverfolgen und uns Hinweise geben. Das wissen wir zu schätzen.

Thorsten Meyer, Patentanwalt/European Patent Attorney, Patentanwaltskanzlei Meyer

… This is a perfect example of why it actually helps to have specializations and understand your material! You always do such a fantastic job; we really appreciate you.

Terena Bell, CEO, In Every Language (now part of Paragon Language Services)

I have had experience with a wide variety of translators in a variety of languages, and Carola is one of the best – I can’t say enough good things about her work. She makes my life easier by being punctual, efficient, and good at what she does. One thing I greatly appreciate about Carola is that she does not just translate a phrase, she seeks to understand the subject matter. She researches it to gain an understating and asks questions for clarification – and sometimes that leads to finding spelling or grammatical errors in our original text. This extra effort gives us a better end result and makes the translation sound more natural – it sounds like a native German speaker was the author, instead of text from an English-speaking author who had it translated.

Lara Black, Online Content Manager, Emergo

I really appreciate the obvious hard work you put into these, as I literally have to add a period or something minor on each chapter usually. I’ve dealt with so many translators who didn’t put this kind of effort into their translations.

Dave Summers, Cuyahoga Language Services

Carola Berger prepared English translations of Refs. 25 and 26, through her CFB Scientific Translations service. Those translations are available from the author upon request. The author gratefully acknowledges Carola’s assistance in clarifying points of language and history and her discovery of Ref. 28.

Alejandro Jenkins, in the acknowledgements of
The mechanical career of Councillor Orffyreus, confidence man, Am. J. Phys. 81, 421 (2013)
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